1. Mitmunk at Blim Market, March 25

    We’re excited to be back at Blim Monthly Community Market!
    Next market: Sunday, March 25, 12-5pm at Heritage Hall.

    Mitmunk's table at Heritage Hall, February 2012

    Last month was our first-ever Blim show, so it was a good learning experience. We were busy getting a variety of t-shirts and leggings printed, while at the same time working out the kinks in the new process of printing on ceramic tiles. We’ll have more of the same, definitely more men’s tees than we had last time, as well as some new tile designs and printed baby onesies at this month’s market. Tons of great Mitmunk 1” buttons to satisfy your desires for little collectibles too!

    It was so positive and inspiring meeting a bunch of other creative folks. Seth MacBeth makes cute wearable goodies. Jennie Wyse's handmade aprons are perfect for “Little Helpers” in the kitchen. Nigel Cornwall works in computers.

    Stack of chocolate chili salt cookies from Mix Bakery

    Mix Bakery's Elin Wong did a fab trade with us—a Mitmunk t-shirt for their delectable chocolate, chili, salt & raisin cookies. Another delicious trade was done with Open Sesame Fission Kitchen; their piping hot biryani really hit the spot.

    (Photo by Braden Hammond)

    Glass artist Braden Hammond picked up a couple of our East Van onesies for his adorable son, Parker. We actually first met Braden last year at the Eastside Culture Crawl, when we and the kids visited his old studio at the Mergatroid. Twice in two days. Because the kids were that transfixed at his explanation of glass-blowing and at Evan’s demonstration of the process.

    Glass daschunds by Evan from Braden Hammond's studio

    Coveting these glass daschunds that Evan was making, the kids proposed exchanging a couple of the wiener dogs for their prized Ken Lum “East Van” pennies they acquired earlier that day from the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Penny Smash machine. Win-win! We totally love it when the kids find something they’re fired up about, and creative role models who can show them just what’s possible through skill, the right tools, effort, and time.

    Blim Monthly Community Market
    Sunday, March 25, 2012 
    12 - 5 pm | Free admission

    Heritage Hall, 3102 Main St (at 15th Ave)
    Mount Pleasant, Vancouver