1. carolynm:

    Another chain mail shot. I need to have a new shoot! But the rain is back :(


  2. Looking for something to do tomorrow night in #Vancouver? Check out I AM MANDRAKE's show at Celebrities Nightclub, 1022 Davie St, on July 24th at 8pm. The group will be performing to their music decked out in Mitmunk Bionic wear.
    More details here: Runway Jubilee - Electronic Vaudeville


  3. outoftimeone:

    The first leggings I’ve worn in public since I’m usually not so much into them but who can resist mecha legs? I need more Mitmunk XD


  4. partypoison888:

    My super comfy MITMUNK Iron Man style spandex leggings.


  5. hookedoncrochet:

    Just received my first ever #Mitmunk #leggings


  6. the-kittening:

    I looked banging today.


  7. waytoomuchinformation:

    Kinda loving these armor leggings #mitmunk


  8. alexleefitz:

    I also got my chainmail leggings from Mitmunk and I am never taking these off, you’ll have to pry them from my COLD DEAD BODY


  9. carolynm:

    New crop! Cause chain mail all the things. <3


  10. cyberkei:

    My new Mitmunk dress came this morning! I know what I’ll be wearing today. #mitmunk #purple #dress #cyber #bionic #robot #motherfuckinawesome


  11. the-kittening:

    I had to get these when I saw them


  12. offinmyownlittleworld:

    This one time my friend got married. She was a kind bride. She allowed all of her bridesmaids to pick out their own dresses and shoes. I seized this moment and bought my dream pair of doc martens. Now whenever I wear them I think of her and her beautiful wedding day~ forever thankful she let us all pick our outfits :)


  13. littleaztecatabby:

    òn ó I love my leggings


  14. littleaztecatabby:



  15. 1ppikiookami:

    fake eyelashes .. check

    unnecessarily elaborate pants .. check

    I am ready to go outside