1. Back at Fan Expo Vancouver! We’re here all weekend at the Vancouver Convention Centre downtown. Saturday, April 19 and Sunday, April 20. Check out our printed leggings, dresses, shorts, and Action Pants at Booth 726. Thanks to everyone who’s visited so far. We hope to meet more of you!


  2. Mitmunk will be at Fan Expo Vancouver!
    Vancouver Convention Centre
    1055 Canada Place
    Apr 18 – 20, 2014

    Fan Expo Vancouver is a celebration of all things pop culture including comic books, anime, sci fi, horror and video games. Mitmunk will be among more than a hundred retailers and exhibitors showcased this coming weekend. Visit the Fan Expo Vancouver website to see this year’s celebrity guest list and to buy your tickets. We’ll be at Booth 726.


  3. azimedes:

    No lie these leggings were the best purchase.


  4. paisleydanger:

    Quick everyone look at how good my butt looks.


  5. psychosako:

    054/100: MY #MITMUNK PANTS CAME! Now I’m one step closer to becoming a #robot… #project365 #100happydays


  6. em-zyme:

    yo i am a fucking robot


  7. lithharbor:




  8. chyphens:

    Not an amazing picture but wore my new #mitmunk leggings for the first time yesterday! They are so cool! Best part was when some guys tried to cause trouble in the shop I think they backed off due to my superhero esque spandex covered dick. Don’t mess with a man in leggings. Anyway today I’ve got the flu and supposed to be writing essays but instead cuddle with Diablos in bed and shivering nonstop. So sorry if I’m late to reply to anyone! 😷💦


  9. 1ppikiookami:

    in the face of total defeat
    wear hot pink


  10. bentrivettontherocks:

    First shot from a wild series w/ the AMAZING Stella Chuu!!!

    Stella Chuu dolled up and looking cheeky with pastel locks and Bionic leggings by Mitmunk! Ben Trivett Photography.


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  12. the-suit-man:

    Suits & mens fashion for classy gentlemen http://the-suit-man.tumblr.com/

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  13. Billow

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  14. Leggings available in our online shop now.


  15. babywarrior5:

    My mitmunk leggings got here today!

    They’re beautiful. The art is really sharp and vibrant, they’re super soft and stretchy, and they fit perfectly! I got a large and that was definitely a good call. I love them and I’m definitely gonna be wearing them a lot.