1. kestrellecosplay:

    Trying on corsets in my Mitmunk leggings. I might have to get a corset to match them now!


  2. Mitmunk’s printed chainmail Crusader shorts are back in our online shop. We’re on vacation so orders won’t be shipped until we return in early September, but orders can still be placed in the meantime if you want to be sure you don’t miss out.


  3. 1ppikiookami:

    lighting is terrible but my steampunk bobafett leggings JUST came and I am literally incapable of not taking pictures of my ass under normal circumstances so..

    (via ballastcanting)


  4. We had such a good time at the Evolution of Gaming exhibit at the Centre for Digital Media. It was totally interactive, so the dozens of consoles were not only on display, but could be played by visitors for a more immersive experience. You really got a sense of how “tv games” changed over the years. Some Mitmunk family favourites included Super Mario Bros. on NES, Pac-Man, Pong, and a virtual reality game called 8-Bit-Yume that was created by the graduate students of CDM. In this photo, Wayne and our eldest kid Carter are playing Hyper Olympic by French artist Djeff Regottaz.


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  6. carolynm:

    Another chain mail shot. I need to have a new shoot! But the rain is back :(


  7. Looking for something to do tomorrow night in #Vancouver? Check out I AM MANDRAKE's show at Celebrities Nightclub, 1022 Davie St, on July 24th at 8pm. The group will be performing to their music decked out in Mitmunk Bionic wear.
    More details here: Runway Jubilee - Electronic Vaudeville


  8. outoftimeone:

    The first leggings I’ve worn in public since I’m usually not so much into them but who can resist mecha legs? I need more Mitmunk XD


  9. partypoison888:

    My super comfy MITMUNK Iron Man style spandex leggings.

    (Source: millie-of-antar)


  10. hookedoncrochet:

    Just received my first ever #Mitmunk #leggings


  11. the-kittening:

    I looked banging today.


  12. waytoomuchinformation:

    Kinda loving these armor leggings #mitmunk


  13. alexleefitz:

    I also got my chainmail leggings from Mitmunk and I am never taking these off, you’ll have to pry them from my COLD DEAD BODY


  14. carolynm:

    New crop! Cause chain mail all the things. <3


  15. cyberkei:

    My new Mitmunk dress came this morning! I know what I’ll be wearing today. #mitmunk #purple #dress #cyber #bionic #robot #motherfuckinawesome