1. ballastcanting:

    Should we bring back our Anatomical leggings? People have been asking about buying them, so we’re thinking of doing a limited print run of this classic #Mitmunk design. What do you think?

    Photo by @grinddown. Model: Zineb Bazza. MUAH & styling by @nightshadebeauty, Kat of @horrorhoneys. #anatomy #muscles #medicalillustration #printedleggings #science


  2. serpentine913:

    Mauro Lopes for Valentim Quaresma S/S 2015

    (via dnt-kimba)


  3. misplacedmilk:

    Aww yea, amazing robo leggings from @mitmunk arrived!


  4. kleidersachen:

    "Le combat en armure au XV siecle" - Fight with suits of armor in the 15th century. I always wanted to see and to hear this, after I discovered the armours in the museum of Munich… found via kottke

    Actors recreate battle moves with the help of 15th-century manuscripts as reference. Presented with an exhibition on the sword and its uses, myths, and symbolism at the National Museum of the Middle Ages in Paris, France. It’s amazing how mobile one can still be while wearing such heavy metal armour.


  5. xlostprincess:

    Definitely worth the customs charges 👌 Thankyou @mitmunk 👏👏👏

    Thank you

  6. Have you entered our giveaway on Instagram yet? It ends this Friday.


  7. Our Vostok printed leggings have become one of our most popular designs since we released them at Vancouver Fan Expo back in April earlier this year, the same month in 1961 when its namesake spacecraft carried the first human into space. The leggings feature the classic grittiness of Mitmunk armour, combined with the streamlined, athletic look of performance wear. The muted greys and blues, retro feel, and scratched metal detailing are a nod to the historic spaceship.

    As I was preparing to post this, I learned of the death of 92-year-old rocket engineer Oleg Ivanovsky last Thursday. Mr. Ivanovsky was the designer who worked on the Vostok spacecraft manned by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on that historic first spaceflight. He also designed the Sputnik satellites and rocket that launched Laika the dog into space. If you’re interested in learning more, the various obituaries online contain summaries of his work and are adequate starting points.


  8. Wayne and Jessica Nigri at Fan Expo Vancouver earlier this year. Would you like to see Mitmunk come to a convention in your city? Having a booth at Fan Expo was pretty fun, and we’re thinking of other places in Canada and the U.S. that we might want to go. Send any suggestions our way!


  9. This is the most amazing thing.


    Defenz.Mecha.Tron bathroom selfie


  10. Mimi Reaves as Daenerys from Game of Thrones! Definitely one of our favourite cosplays we’ve seen, especially since Mitmunk Crusader leggings are part of the outfit. The printed chainmail is just perfect here. Photo by Undiscovered Photography.


  11. innerbohemienne:

    Nautilus shell scrimshaw, c.1845, dedicated to Queen Victoria; carved with a common penknife, 5½” high, 6¼” deep, 3¼” wide.

    Omg, how long did this labor of love take?

    (via concrete-heart)


  12. popculturereferencegoeshere:

    Unabashedly taking inspo from @caitiemeow - my #mitmunk chainmail leggings, a woolen bomber jacket I thrifted and embroidered a stark emblem to for @bodaciousturtle, and my #dragonglass necklace on the signed copy of ADWD pt1 that I’m rereading atm. Flying the #asoiaf #got flag proudly!


  13. thealiceinfinland:

    my new super awesome bionic leggings are here! 


  14. tigerpika:

    I finished my legwarmers! Well the pattern calls them stirrup socks, but I call them legwarmers.  I really like this yarn, the color is called heron and I love blue herons, so I was totally sold.

    It is the first thing I have knitted in almost a year.  I am also wearing my bionic leggings, which are awesome, if I do say so myself.


  15. kestrellecosplay:

    Trying on corsets in my Mitmunk leggings. I might have to get a corset to match them now!